Mission Statement

Reliable revolutionaries is a political and criminal justice reform organization engaging millennials to become change agents, exercise their voting rights, become more politically involved, educated, and to be civically and socially responsible. A new umbrella organization building coalitions to create a safer and better overall quality of life for the citizens of Texas and the marginalized minorities that have suffered from negligence of our government and the brutality of imperious law enforcement.  

Founders: Jourdyn Parks & Pharaoh Clark

Reliable Revolutionaries consists of four leaders who came together in the the wake of George Floyds tragic murder. 

Jourdyn "Mama Jeaux" Parks, 28, is a san antonio native, mother of 3, and Army veteran. She was first activated as a college student when the murder of Trayvon Martin occured.Jeaux has been advocating and speaking out against racial and social injustice ever since. Once honorably discharged from the Army, she returned to her hometown of San Antonio,Tx where she mentored youth, encouraging them to have pride in their heritage, educate themselves on their history, and to speak up when any injustice occurs. "Mama Jeaux" connected with Pharaoh Clark in the first days of the San Antonio Black Lives Matter movement protests and together, they birthed the vision for an organization that could be the central hub for the community and government to bridge the very prevalent gap that divides us. 


Pharaoh Clark, 32, is a San Antonio native, father of one, and Professional chef by trade when he is not actively engaging in criminal justice and policy reform.Clark was first activated in 2014, when he diligently pushed, protested and succeeded in removing the racist confederate statue that stood in Travis Park. Clarke was reactivated in the wake of George Floyds murder and connected with Mama Jeaux to build a team of black organizers to help reform our local law enforcement and hold them accountable.


Jolene "Josey" Garcia is a retired airforce veteran, and mother of eight,who settled in San Antonio,Tx in 2001. Josey was  activated in the wake of George Floyds murder and courageously stepped into the public eye to speak out against the injustices she's witnessed in our minority communities as well as the military. She actively advocates for justice, black lives, and mental health awareness. 


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